Nigel Walker - The Red Dress

The Red Dress – Nigel Walker

A set of narrative photographs to challenge perceptions of feminism and the male gaze. See the pictures, read the challenge, think hard.

I have been taking them for over fifty years. During that time I have been influenced by many photographers including Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bill Brandt, Lee Miller, Imogen Cunningham, Jane Bown and more recently Cig Harvey and Kai Ziehl to name but a few.

I use a wide range of photographic styles and would say that my main interest is landscape. But that would include the landscape that is not only geographic but emotional, intellectual and philosophical too with influences from Robert Adams, Susan Sontag and John Berger, but especially Adams ideas that great photographs contain three verities – geography, autobiography and metaphor.

I am a frequent speaker at photographic clubs and societies on photography as art and the art of storytelling with photographs. My original studio, 3rd Floor at Furley’s, is now incorporated into the Hull International Photography Gallery where I shoot studio work. I undertake longer term projects of a documentary nature and am currently involved in recording the development of the Lost Trawlerman memorial at St Andrews Quay in Hull, which was dedicated in 2017. I also cover shorter term events such at the Beverley Puppet Festival – the largest puppet festival in the UK and or Stage 4 Beverley Fest.

My current work includes a book, Margins, looking at the development of the town of Beverley and what is re-organised at the edges as another 3000 homes and new roads are built. Twenty Photographs – the story of the making of those pictures. The eponymous album on my site shows the photographs, which can be bought via the site…The show Say Something is also accompanied by a book to explore the background to the ideas within the photographs.