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No More Seperation – Richard Lees

In a nutshell, these Lino prints express my solidarity with the Palestinian people: their struggle for human rights, for justice and freedom.

The starting point was Flying Home, a book by young people at the Lajee Center, a creative cultural children’s centre in Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem – ‘over the brutal separation walls and sniper towers, a boy’s kite flies free, carrying the hopes of a people dispossessed, denied freedom and equality by a repressive apartheid regime.’

July 5th 2019 to September 15th 2019

Red Dress – Nigel Walker
The Red Dress – Unbound and public. Friday 10th May 2019. HIP gallery. Princes Quay. 12-5pm each Tuesday – Saturday and 12 noon – 4pm Sundays. Until 29th June form 11th May. Brace yourselves.The Red Dress is coming. Party with it at the preview. A narrative on contemporary feminismr

Awakening by Francesco Jacobello

Awakening – Francesco Jacobello
Coming from Sicily Francesco Jacobello’s work has a classical background with a modern feel created in black biro, pencil, pastel, pen & ink and watercolour. Often referencing cultural icons in psychedelic space, on paper or objects such as guitars.

Ongoing Journey

Ongoing Journey – Rich Wiles
It was just a few months after his arrival in the UK that I first met Rami. Having fled with his wife, Ruba, and their children, Mustapha, Yazan and Hanan from the besieged Syrian city of Homs, Rami and his family were later brought to the UK under the British Government’s resettlement program. They were housed in a small East Yorkshire market town and arrived in the UK in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum. Rich Wiles