Wildlife - Tracey Lund

Diving Gannets
Diving Gannets by Tracey Lund - Wildlife Photographer

Currently on display in the Creative & Cultural Company’s HIP Gallery Gift Shop is an exhibition which continues on from the 2019 HIP Fest  by the wonderfully talented and award winning photographer wildlife photographer Tracey Lund.

The exhibition consists of 19 images by Tracey, so if your interested in seeing some stunning wildlife images and maybe interested in buy one they are available in our gallery gift shop. Find Us

My Generation - Daisy Blythe

Join us for the our last exhibition launch of 2019.

We have a fantastic exhibition lined up for you by a very talented young 13 year old photographer Daisy Blythe who’s exhibition is a selection of images called my generation.

The exhibition will then run from the 16th November until the 15th February 2020. Find Us

Creative & Cultural Company
Creative & Cultural HIP Gallery Gift Shop

Over the next week we will be adding new content to the website, specifically in regards to new products available in the Gallery Gift Store please keep an eye out below  for new editions. thank you the HIP Gallery Team.


Analogue photography is currently experiencing a resurgence and due to this the Creative & Cultural HIP Gallery Gift Shop is currently stocking a wide variety of custom film types with special effect that are available to purchase.

As a gallery and a creative and cultural company we feel its important to make sure our customers have access to these types of products.

We carry a small but interesting types of film by companies such as Lomography, CineStill, Polaroid, Fujifilm, Kodak, Revolog, Instax, more details to follow. Find Us


We Carry a small number of photography books by locally, nationally and internationally recognised photographers and authors like:

 Peter Dench, Dougie Wallace, John Bolloten, Homer Sykes, Claire Armitage, Rhiannon Adam, Nigel Walker, Matthew Finn, Rich Wiles, John Bulmer, Daisy Blythe, David Morris, Daisy and Darren Copsey-Squires, Christopher McGinley and S.A. Robertson.

So if your stuck for a gift for family or friends maybe a good book is just the ticket, so why not pop in to the Creative & Cultural Company’s Gallery Gift shop and have a look. Find Us



We carry a small selection of cameras by Lomography such as the Playa Jordin Instant, Sprocket Rocket Red (panoramic camera with sprocket effect, La Sardinia 8 Ball wide angle, La Sardina Delauney wide angle, Fisheye 2, Fisheye All Black, Diana Mini Flash Picnic, Diana Mini Flash, Black & White simple use pre-loaded, Purple simple use pre-loaded, Konstruktor kit camera and the actionsampler 4 lens camera.

Polaroid Originals Onestep 2 VF – high quality lens, 60 day battery, powerful flash and self-timer function.

We also carry Tripods, gorilla style flexi-pods, lens caps,memory cards all reasonably priced. Find Us


We also have a selection of Prints for sale in our Gift Shop prints we currently have on sale in the gallery gift store are by artists such as:

Tracey Lund, Lance Ostler, Warren Miller, Claire Armitage, Robert Bentley, David Drazdo, Julie Watson, Richard Lees and Elise Sanchez-Garci. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one or family maybe a print is just the thing! So why not pop in to our gallery shop and have a look around. Find Us



The Gift Shop also carry’s a wide selection of Pro Writing Tools by the well know LOOP Brand quality paint for street art as used in the Hull 2019 Sesh festival. The paint and markers can be used for many other art projects as well.

We also carry a selection of caps for the paint cans, markers in sizes from 2 mm, 4 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm water based acrylic, gloves, Jackets, Special Edition Cans and Bags. Find Us


Loop Pro Writing Tools
Aerosol Paint not available for sale to persons under 16 years of age

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer for the HIP Gallery  then please click the button below, and come and join the family.

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“Alan has exceptional vision and innovation as a curator. Having been involved in the Hull International Festival of Photography and experienced his skills, I trust his expertise and ability to create a festival that is visually stunning and engages an audience".
Peter Dench
Peter Dench
Getty Images, World Press Photography Award Winner, Co-Founder of the White Cloth Gallery Leeds
“Entering into the HIP gallery we where presented with an exhibition by renowned photographer Ian Macdonald showcasing work from Smiths Dock. With nearly fifty years of material it was incredible to see such established work beautifully curated by Alan Raw. His understanding and insight into the work allowed the audience to really engage with the prints on the wall.
Matt Finn
Matt Finn
Absolutely impressed by the vision of these guys. What an amazing City Hull is. It's the art and culture that make any city great and these guys have the vision to show this to the world.
Matt Hart Photographer
Matt Hart

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