Alan Raw Creative & Cultural Company
Alan Raw CEO of The Creative & Cultural Company


The Creative & Cultural Company is a not for profit arts development organisation based in Hull UK.

We manage art spaces including galleries, studios, stages, theatre & dance spaces & rehearsal rooms. We also deliver various exhibitions and events, such as the Hull International Photography Festival, hosted at the HIP Gallery.

Our aims are

  • To create opportunities for the public to participate and engage in the arts.
  • To support artists and develop an audience for their works and share their skills.
  • To make contemporary art accessible to everyone.

So, how long have the Creative and Cultural Company’s Alan Raw (CEO), Darren Squires (Project Coordinator) Lou Duffy-Howard (Chair), Altu Collingwood (Urban Arts Curator) and Chris McKnight (Designer & Artist) been creating arts and cultural opportunities together in Hull?

This post was sparked by Lou’s amazing post on Facebook, of photos from her years of event management in Hull. It got us thinking about how we ended up working together now at Creative and Cultural Company and all the events we’ve worked on together over the years. Many of which involved Princes Quay where we now have galleries and studios. We’ve got the team together now to write some history down.

The Creative & Cultural Company has been running the successful annual Hull International Photography Festival for the past 6 years and it gradually grown in popularity year on year with top National and International Photographer exhibiting with us, such as Marilyn Stafford, Homer Sykes, Brian Griffin, Rhiannon Adam The Royal Photographic Society, Peter Dench, Matt Finn, Peter Chan, Fujiholics, among many