So are we all ready for 2019? – Who has a project in mind?
When I set up HIP Club 16+ club, I did it to encourage and help people get to grips with their cameras . When we started it was a monthly meet up, then we went to once a fortnight. Well from this year HIP Club 16+ club is going weekly!!

I know that work commitments often made it difficult for people to get to our meetings, going weekly will allow more people to be able to get to a club night more often. It will also make planning projects/challenges easier.

Our club nights will remain every Tuesday 7-9 pm at Art Space 1. With our first meeting of 2019 being the 8th January.

The aim of this club has not only been to help people learn how to use their camera and its settings, it is also about learning to see, what makes a great photograph. So I intend to have nights where we will look and discuss some of the masters of photography, relevant to the our monthly project.

This year I intend to set some challenges that will maybe push you out of your comfort zone, indeed some of them will challenge me, however I hope that you all will embrace them all.

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